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Business Innovation eBook and Resource Kit

Innovation eBookLeading Creativity and Innovation eBook. Business Innovation Resource Kit - 212 pages Definitive Guide, 439-slide insights Innovation Bootcamp, Annual Innovation Report. 212-page collection of over 55 best practices, case studies, and insights on the current state of Creativity and Innovation in Business at Top Innovators including Apple, Google, Netflix, 3M, Frito Lay, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Toyota, GE, BMW, Deloitte, Southwest, Nike, IBM, Dell and more. "Your report from the eBook and definitive guide was the primary reference that we used." Used by over 550 leading organizations including HP, Pepsi, EDS, Nokia, J&J more... Download Now

Apple's Innovation Strategy

Learn how Apple, the #1 innovative company in the world, innovates and creates game-changing innovations such as the iPod, iTunes, iPhone, the all new iPad and more. What is Apple's secret recipe for innovation success? Who drives Apple's innovation processes?  What makes Apple's products successful in the market place? What is Steve Jobs next big innovation? Learn how Apple became the #1 innovator through: 1. Creativity and Innovation, 2. Innovation in Products, 3. Innovation in Business Model, 4. Innovation in Customer Experience, 5. Leadership of Steve Jobs... Download Now

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