Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Do Greeting Cards Increase Customer Loyalty?

Do Greeting Cards Increase Customer Loyalty? 

After reviewing client data, a local veterinarian realized he had a high percentage of clients that used him once or twice. But for some reason, the repeat and loyal customer base was waning. After tuning up the office’s internal structure, the doctor began looking for a cost effective strategy to remain connected to his clients, remind customers of his services, and increase loyalty.

The veterinary clinic settled on a #greeting card initiative and sent them generously. If a client came to the office with a new pet, a card was sent welcoming them to the “family.” If a customer came in with a sick animal, a get well soon card was mailed within 24 hours of their visit. A client who recently lost a beloved pet called the office after receiving a card and said, “I needed that card today. It made me feel loved, cared for, and not simply a #customer. Thank you. I could never think of using anyone else for my pet needs.”

It may sound like such a simple idea, but the veterinarian quickly noticed an uptick in repeat customers. In fact, six months after implementing the greeting card program, the veterinary clinic increased repeat business by 22%. It was a huge gain in a short time period and for a minimal investment.

Hot Tip 

Have a greeting card program already? Consider gearing it up a notch for the holidays by sending treats with a season’s greeting.

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Please contact John King, our local entrepreneur at: or call him: 714-849-6552 and get your greeting card program going.

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