Monday, February 04, 2013

Promotional Products - Wise and Profitable Advertising Investment

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Promotional products will give you a better return on investment than just about any other advertising medium.

In fact, a recent study by the independent research company MarketTools, Inc. reveals that of consumers who had received promotional products ...
  • 83% recall the brand or company advertised ...
  • 75% remember the product or service ...
  • 80% can clearly identify the type of promotional product they received …
  • And 69% remember all three!
But what’s most impressive is that 20.9% of those surveyed reported making a purchase after receiving a promotional product. That’s far superior to other forms of advertising such as print ads 13.4%, TV commercials (7.1 percent) and online ads (a dismal 4.6%).

Go Green: Give your organization "Eco-cred" by marketing with organic, sustainable, recycled, bio-degradable or highly efficient promotional products!

Get noticed: Put your brand message right in front of your customers, right where they work. Desktop Accessories reinforce your company brand message all day long!

Golf Anyone: Golf tournaments and Golf related promotions remain ever popular ways to promote business and charities!

Buy American: Promoting your business with American made products supports fellow Americans while building goodwill for your own organization. Go Made in USA!

Promotional products are a proven way to promote and advertise your business or organization. Check out this growing small business that gets rave reviews from their customers and provides thousands of amazing products to choose from. Give a call to John King at: 714-849-6552 and ask him for the latest deal as you look to purchase a great product for your customer. Promoking Promotional Agency is an oGoing Pro Business!

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