Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Will Google Deliver A Home Run? Google Earnings Preview

Google Nexus 7 - Powerful, portable tablet
Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) is poised to announce a record quarter today... not only on financial metrics including revenue, revenue growth, earnings and earnings growth, but also on user metrics including traffic, volume, impressions, clicks, users. Why the bullish sentiment for Google? Fourth quarter is a holiday quarter with major online shopping events: Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Christmas shopping. All these translate to more people searching online for the best deals, and using Google for searching, researching and finding what they need.

Google is a Top 20 innovator of the Innovation Index

What to watch out for? Overall search volume, net traffic, number of clicks, unique users. But perhaps the most important metric that smartphone users would be thinking about is: Daily Android activations - would it surpass 2 million? Is Android winning the smartphone war? And whether Google can profit from Androids. Would Google charge smartphone makers for new Android activations?

Google introduced updated, more powerful Nexus line of products in 2012... Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets, and Nexus 4 smartphone. Are these Google devices making a dent in the tablet and smartphone markets respectively? Would Google continue to offer up these products, or have their OEM partners manufacture and sell them? What about Google's Motorola acquisition? How are the Motorola products selling? 

Finally, everyone would be clamoring to learn more about new Google innovations such as Google+ and whether it can put a dent into Facebook! Would Google outshine Apple this quarter?

All eyes will be on Google today to see whether they will deliver a home run!

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