Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hello Google Drive

Google has a potential Dropbox killer for consumers and small business customers. The new Drive is bold and gives you instant access everywhere: from all your devices (iOS access is on the way). Access your documents wherever you are, at home, in your office, on the beach, while traveling... And Google has done something cooler! You can share your docs the way you want to share: read only, read and write, or just comments. And by the way, Google drive comes standard with Google Docs. So you can have all your docs in one place, ready to edit, ready to share, ready to redline, ready to comment and ready to finish!

But wait, there's more. Instead of attaching a bulky document to an email, just send a link from the Google Drive in your Gmail and everyone has the same file and same version. That's cool. Say you upload your videos and pictures to the Drive. Now you can share them with your circles in Google+.

Google Drive comes standard with the powerful Google Search. This alone can be huge! Imagine the ease of finding any file by name, who made it, who edited it, when made, keywords, images, last used and more. Finally Google has gone back to its roots and integrated its bread and butter search engine!

Hello Google Drive! Take it for a test drive today! It comes standard with 5GB (wish Google had upped it to 10GB). You are going to love it! Just go here: to get started!

Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) is one of the top twenty innovators of the Innovation Index.

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