Thursday, March 01, 2012

Is Social Media Killing Your Business?

If you are not careful, social media could kill your small business, instead of making it grow!

Here are seven traps or pitfalls to watch out for:

1. You’re spending more time "doing social media" than you are on the important work of your business
2. You're confusing your customers with a fragmented approach
3. You’re failing to provide the basic information people want
4. You're making your business look amateur
5. You're skipping from one media outlet to another
6. You're providing content without direction
7. You're failing to respond to negative reviews and mentions

Social Media requires focus, planning, goal-setting, listening, feedback, sharing and execution. It is not a one shot way to promote yourself and get attention. It takes time and patience to obtain effective results!

Ogoing is an exclusive small business social network that combines the best of what Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ has to offer. The key difference: Dedicated and Made for small business! Thousands of businesses are leveraging Ogoing to boost their social media presence online, attract new customers, and accelerate sales. Check out Ogoing today!

Want to become a social media expert and boost your business?

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Sanjay Dalal
Founder / CEO Ogoing

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