Friday, February 13, 2009

Sanjay Dalal, Chief Innovator of, presents the February 2009 Innovation Bootcamp

The Innovation Bootcamp, hosted by -Creativity And Innovation Driving Business, are a series of engaging online workshops to jumpstart innovation at your business. Learn how top innovators in the world innovate, change and grow business successfully, especially during economic cycles. The online workshops inspire you to unlock your creativity, generate new ideas, convert ideas into game-changing innovations, and accelerate your business. and Sanjay Dalal, Chief Innovator, have successfully delivered over 400 hours of Innovation Bootcamp web seminar workshops live and on demand to online attendees!

Selected references:
Leading eBook on Creativity and Innovation in Business
Creativity and Innovation Best Practices
Creativity and Innovation Case Studies
The Innovation Index
Top 50 innovative companies in the world

Learn over 100 relevant + insightful strategies, tools and techniques to unleash creativity and innovation!

The Innovation Bootcamp will help you:

  • Become an Innovator at your Organization.
  • Unleash the Creativity of your Team and Create New Ideas.
  • Jumpstart new innovations and build an Innovation Factory.
  • Accelerate the Growth of your Business.
"The Innovation Bootcamp has helped me in countless situations, not only on the job but also in my personal life. Sanjay Dalal's tenacious and diligent coverage of all the core innovation techniques and case studies has given me a more well-rounded understanding of the business world." - Business Consultant

Enroll in the Innovation Bootcamp workshops. The Innovation Bootcamp is delivered live on the Internet using Web Seminars by Sanjay Dalal, Chief Innovator of Six Web Seminar Training Sessions that will inspire you to become an innovator! Register here.

Our moneyback guarantee: If after attending any of the six online workshops, you are not satisfied, we will gladly issue a refund.
Download the February 2009 Innovation Bootcamp Videos delivered by Sanjay Dalal, Chief Innovator, for FREE (the February Innovation Workshops are delivered on WebEx Meetings Plus service. You would need to download a Cisco WebEx player to view the Innovation Bootcamp videos. Download the videos below this form, but we request that you provide us your contact information so that we can communicate with you and send you updates on the next Innovation Bootcamp):

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Download February 2009 Innovation Bootcamp Videos

(You would need to download a Cisco WebEx player to view the Innovation Bootcamp videos)

Sanjay Dalal, Chief Innovator of, delivered these Innovation Bootcamp workshops online using WebEx Meetings. The Innovation Bootcamps were recorded, and are now available for download. Each recorded workshop is at least 90 minutes in length. These workshops are available to you for a FREE download. (Free download is no longer available - please go here to purchase these videos)

Innovation Bootcamp First Session - February 2, 2009

Innovation Bootcamp Second Session - February 3, 2009

Innovation Bootcamp Third Session - February 4, 2009

Innovation Bootcamp Fourth Session - February 5, 2009

Innovation Bootcamp Fifth Session - February 6, 2009

Innovation Bootcamp Sixth Session -February 9, 2009

About Our Innovator

Sanjay Dalal is an innovator, investor and entrepreneur with over fifteen years of leadership experience in Silicon Valley and High Tech companies. Dalal, author of Faculty eBook on Creativity and Innovation in Business, and writer of over 200 articles in the last year and a half on the real-time state of innovation in business at his blog Creativity and Innovation Driving Business, introduced the Innovation Index in December 2006. Dalal was the president and managing director of the innovative investment company, Innovation Index Group, that systematically invested into the Top 20 Innovators of The Innovation Index. Dalal has launched innovative products to market and grown businesses to the tune of $70 million plus a year. Dalal holds joint US Patent on "Hands-On Labs" for delivering live, hands-on learning through online web meetings. Dalal has published white papers and articles on several industry leading publications and magazines including Chief Learning Officer, eWeek, BusinessWeek, Forbes, PC World, Training Magazine and more. Dalal holds executive certification on Leading Management Teams from Cornell University, and is an engineering scholar graduate in Electrical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin. Dalal attended Arizona State University for graduate education in Computer Science. Dalal secured the first position in the 50th William Lowell Putnam Math Competition. Dalal volunteered as a basketball coach for Irvine NJB - 7th graders, as an art master for 2nd graders, and is the current secretary of the School Site Council at Turtle Rock Elementary School. Dalal is an appointed member of the Dean's Leadership Circle of The Paul Merage School of Business, University of California, Irvine, and is a Web 2.0 adviser for Cal State Fullerton. Dalal is a member of the Rotary Club of Newport-Irvine.

About Creativity And Innovation Driving Business
The mission of Creativity and Innovation Driving Business is to provide uncommon insights, strategy and solutions with proven processes that drive Creativity and Innovation at your business, create real market growth and success for your products and services, and achieve market leadership. We make innovation a sustainable competitive advantage, help build an innovation factory, effect and manage change and grow your business. We have considerable experience and expertise in working with small, growing and established companies, various departments and distributed teams.

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